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The Elysian Fields Project is a dedicated blog about my shipping container homestead project and all of the adventures along the way.

About Me

I am a 28 year old former police officer.  I left law enforcement for a variety of reasons, but chief among them was the realization that police officers are no longer community-oriented public servants.  There are a few, but they are scattered and my love for being a cop turned into a very strong desire to get away from ‘the system.’  I was tired of being another cog in the machine.  Being a police officer changed my attitude, my outlook on life and controlled my personality.  When I finally stepped away, I felt like a new person.
I experienced the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and the societal collapse in New Orleans as a police officer. It changed my perspective and priorities, along with showing me just how primal many people can become within a few shorts hours of a disaster. It also showed me how quickly police officers can become killers, thieves and a disgrace to the badge.

I began getting into politics and emergency preparedness shortly before I resigned and am now a very passionate advocate of freedom, personal responsibility, radical self-reliance, and off-grid survival and infrastructure.  I campaigned for Ron Paul in his 2008 Presidential bid and although he didn’t win, I am thankful to say that due to the hard work of many, many dedicated Ron Paul supporters in New Orleans, we were able to get him on the ballot and I voted for him.

Having moved to Oklahoma, I continue to impart the ideals of freedom and personal responsibility, including preparedness, alternative energy, economic change, sound money, and unique architectural designs. I have learned quite a bit about urban gardening, construction, aquaponics, and small-space design.

I love to take adventures, whether it be traveling to Burning Man, a simple weekend in the woods camping, or exploring the historic depths of my beloved New Orleans.  Life is about enjoyment; learning and experiencing new things.

This website represents my efforts to build a homestead structure out of shipping containers on 3 acres I purchased shortly after moving here, along with eventually having an aquaponics garden and small livestock.  Alternative energy projects are also one my hobbies, including solar and wind power.  If and when I move back to my property full time again, I would like to move towards a hybrid design utilizing both.

Another passion of mine is the education of people to the dangers in their foods, the lies they are being fed, the warped agenda within the mainstream media and how to steady themselves for devastating incidents.  Survival and preparedness, Big Pharma, conspiracies, cancer research, and zombies are some of my favorite topics to chat about socially, so feel free to send me an email with questions, comments, or rants!  Or even to say hello!  I love to hear from my readers!

– Kevin Hayden

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